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XBMC - nowe wersje

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W tym temacie od teraz będziemy umieszczać informację oraz linki do nowych wersji XBMC.

Dyskusję prowadzimy w innych wątkach.Posty nie związane z tematem będą kasowane


XBMC 9.04.1 Released

* Updated scrapers

* Fixed segfault when clicking on either a Video or Music source which contains a malformed .pls file

* Shoutcast had two ?..? paths

* Typo caused vobsubs to render at incorrect timestamps (and possibly crash xbmc)

* Diffuse texture used the wrong coordinates for orientation when scalediffuse=?false? was specified

* Reset lcd dim after resuming from suspend

* HDHomeRun was crashing when browsing tuners

* Main title dvd/iso rips did not return to GUI when playback finished

* XBMC would suspend directly after resume when suspend time > shutdown time

* Sped up RAW image loading and handle more file extensions

* Better wav handling on 64bit OSs

* Metadata from nfo not used unless default scraper is the same as the url in nfo

* H264/AAC streamed over RTMP memory leak and video fps problem

* [OSX] EventServer could be started multiple times

* [LINUX] RAW image loading was broken

* [LINUX] Startup.xml was not loaded

* [LINUX] Some plugins were crashing on 64bit

* [WIN32] Updated: ImageLib.dll

* [WIN32] Fixed raw image loading

* [WIN32] XBMC crashed on playing media or no sound with mp3 and video files

* [WIN32] XBMC would crash before the OpenGL warning popup was shown

win32_128.png <pobierz>

live_128new.png <pobierz>

Pobierz - wszystkie wersje

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XBMC 9.11: Alpha1

* DirectX has replaced OpenGL for Windows

* Numerous skinning engine updates which allow for use of some fancy new skins

* Many improvements to the video player which allow for much smoother playback

* Switch to Core Audio on OSX

* Many VDPAU improvements under linux

* Many platform-specific customizations

* Much Much more. We will be showcasing the new features here on xbmc.org as the final release approaches.


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XBMC 9.11: Beta2

This new release is mainly a bug fix release; it has the same feature set as previous beta1, among other things a totally revamped installer. This release uses the default debian installer, allowing much more control on the destination system, including partitioning. The old installer is discontinued and Live USB disks will have to be created using unetbootin - or similar.

Pls note that once installed on hard disk, the default user used for running XBMC is the user that was created during the installation, hence credentials for remote access (ssh, sftp) are the ones specified during the installation. As per USB flash disks created with unetbootin, the "traditional" combination xbmc/xbmc applies.

A second new feature is the ability to execute custom scripts automatically during boot (as root). Hopefully this will allow an easier path to system customization of live systems. More on this in due time.

Before going on, check the Wiki FAQ on XBMC Live.

Other details about this release:

* Based on Ubuntu Karmic - uses grub legacy though... (time for grub2 will come)

* NVIDIA drivers: 190.42 (VDPAU included on supported GPUs)

* ATI/AMD drivers: Catalyst 9.11

* Intel drivers: default xorg

* Natively supports MCEUSB remotes

* Uses duduke's great "spinner black" usplash theme!

* Boot script automatically increasing the system audio volume

* Includes the magic tvheadend package, which brings live TV in XBMCLive. The PVR branch of XBMC is not yet ready, but read this thread to understand how to interact with tvh. The default credentials for the web interface are xbmc/xbmc.

The XBMC repositories sources are already configured and topfs2's cool script "Aptitude" is included, so updating XBMC to follow the new releases will hopefully be easy!

The plugin "SVN Repo Installer" is also included, thus installing new scripts/plugins/skins will be easier.

A quick TOC of what has been already asked; note that these posts are related to previous releases so instructions are not 100% accurate. I will revise them as soon as possible.


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XBMC 9.11 Release Candidate 1

The testing process is winding down, and we are happy to present XBMC 9.11 Release Candidate 1. Assuming there are no major show-stoppers, we expect that this will be the last pre-release before final. That means that this is your last chance to report major bugs, or to help us reproduce or fix the ones that have been identified. If you have submitted a trac ticket and we’ve asked for further assistance, this is the time to help! For those not bold enough to try the pre-releases, watch this site in the coming days for a summary of the new features you can expect to see in Camelot.

The same speech still applies; we’re still looking for quality bug reports and good translations. Also please use the proper channels if you wish to be helped, not the comments below.


PS: Osobiście używam kompilacji Pana "Tiben20" XBMC 25381-DX (Windows)

wersja ta korzysta z GPU do dekodowania materiału HD


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XBMC 9.11: Camelot



Improved XBMC GUI Skinning Framework making it even more flexible and powerful
Powerbutton follows “shutdown function” in settings/system/power saving
Updated translations for most languages (help is always wanted with translation)
Skinnable Weather Plugin API enabling third-party Weather Plugins (Python Scripts)
Edit button for RSS feeds in settings, (needs RssTicker script installed, see SCRIPTS section below)
New screensaver option to turn off the screen (using VESA DPMS)
Always On Top option to advancedsettings.xml when XBMC runs in Windowed Mode
Better support for multi-monitor setups
Settings have been re-organized and cleaned up to sync with new features


High Definition, Surround Sound, and Subtitle Flagging and Filtering in Video Library
Added support for SingStar and UltraStar Karaoke Lyrics Format
Updated FFmpeg (libavformat and libavcodec) audio/video codec and demux library
Speed up RAW image loading and handle more file extensions
Implemented better WAV/PCM handling on 64-bit operating-systems
Added support for additional tags in CUE sheets (Genre/Year)
Added support for MPL2 (Blu-ray) subtitles format
Added support forVPlayer subtitles format (which unfortunately is still in use)
Added support for RTMP (Flash) live video streams, plus skip, pause, and resume feature
Added proper MMS/MMSH streaming client (libmms) support
Added audio and subtitle delay pop-up to the GUI (similar to volume control)
Improved Commercial Skipping, EDL (Edit Decision List), and SceneMarker support
Options for smoother video playback (syncing the video to the refresh rate of the display)
Smart Playlists support for video resolution, aspect-ratio, codec, audio, and subtitles
Extension of ExternalPlayer enabling multiple external players based on file-extension
Added overlay renderer for dvd/vobsub/xsub


Performance improvements to SQLite (database) queries (help is always wanted here)
Support for movie sets and a sortorder tag in the Video Library
UPnP MediaServer compliant with DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) standards
Ability to view pictures over UPnP in XBMC, also loads of fixes to the UPnP library
Added scan for new content command to HTTP API, extended XBMC.updatelibrary call
Reorganized MythTV directory structure to separate TV Shows from Movies
Support importing MythTV movies into the Movies Library (including scraping)
Added support local actor thumbnails (store as actor_name.tbn under .actors directory)
Scrape studio info for TV Show/Season/Episode, info is available via studio field item
Changed handling in Scrapers and NFO replacing «thumbs» with multiple «thumb»
Added library update on resume if we are coming from suspend/hibernate
Ability to scrape and scan TV Shows into the video library by air-date via TheTVDB.com


TheMovieDB.org (TMDB) movie scraper upgraded to version 2.1
Added Movie Trailer scraping from dtrailer.com to TheMovieDB.org scraper
TheTVDB.com TV Shows scraper scraper improvements and enhancements
MTV (Music Videos) scraper improvements and enhancements
New freebase music scraper (with Artist FanArt support via htbackdrops.com)
New Polish music scraper combining allmusic.com,merlin.pl, and lastfm.pl
New mymovies.dk (Multilanguage) movie scraper (*commercial)
New fdb.pl (Polish) movie scraper
New cinefacts.de (German) movie scraper
New filmdelta.se (Swedish) movie scraper
New world-art.ru (Russian) movie scraper
Updated imdb.cn (Chinese) movie scraper
New cine-passion (French/English) movie scraper
Fixes and additions for the mymovies.xml scraper


Confluence is the new default
PM3.HD set to secondary
Removed legacy PM III (farewell old friend)


Changed from Open GL to DirectX for GUI and video rendering.
Added Crash Dump for Windows
Support Milkdrop visualizations


Added support for Debian building and packaging to the XBMC SVN
External libraries options when compiling XBMC for Linux making it more distro agnostic
Support for PPC (PowerPC) processors in XBMC for Linux (OpenGL support required)
Avahi Zeroconf (Zero Configuration Networking) for XBMC webserver
Added DeviceKit.Disks integration
Added DeviceKit.Power and ConsoleKit.Manager integration

OS X Specific:

Logitech Harmony Universal Remote support
Added support for CoreAudio API and removed the PortAudio API code
AC3 and DTS digital audio pass-through to SP/DIF on Apple TV (thanks to CoreAudio)
Support for running external Applescripts
Support for command-tab application switching
support for OS X Spaces (virtual desktops)


New installer with disk partitioning support, network setup and language selection
Uses Beatzeps08’s variation of duduke’s great “spinner black” usplash theme! Thanks Beatzeps08!!
Based on Ubuntu Karmic
NVIDIA drivers: 190.53 (VDPAU included on supported GPUs)
ATI/AMD drivers: Catalyst 9.11
Includes the magic tvheadend package, which brings live TV in XBMCLive
The plugin “SVN Repo Installer” is also included, thus installing new scripts/plugins/skins will be easier

Edited by martig

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WERSJA BETA ale nie długo oficjalna

Xbmcfreak LiveCD 10.08 svn32416

Another version of my XBMCFreak Livecd. Not so many changes this time:

- XBMC Dharma (svn32416)

- Linux Kernel 2.6.32-24

- Alsa 1.0.23

- Last version of the Compat-wireless-2.6.35 package (rc6)

- Wakeonlan configuration added

- locate and ethtool packages added


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Xbmc 10.00 beta2

* Auto create Alsa script for Nvidia ION and ION2 systems

* Auto create Advanced Settings script for Nvidia ION and ION2 systems

* Alsa unmute script for digital and sp/dif audio interfaces

* @eaDir exclude when listing and indexing (Synology San)

* Logitech Dinovo Edge support added

* libRTMP support iPlayer BBC

* Make MKV support (Blu-Ray)

* Samba Windows File Sharing support

* Proftpd support

* Sabnzbd (nzb) and Transmission (torrent) downloading support

* FireFly (iTunes) server added

* Apache frontend with startpage added

* WakeonLan, ethtool and locate commands added


Edited by martig

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XBMC 10.0

**Note that all skins, plugins, and scripts need to be updated by their authors to work with Dharma.

They are now part of the new add-ons system, installable from XBMC itself.

**The HTTP API is deprecated. Please use json-rpc instead.**

Addons Manager

* Added unified Addon framework that make it easy to distribute addons to XBMC (based on C-Pluff)

* Addon Browser GUI that will allow for an easy way to find, install, and manage third-party addons

* Added support for update notifications and options for manual or automatic updates of addons

* Added Team XBMC's official Addons Repository for open source addons as the default Addon Repo

* Added GUI option to install additional third-party Addons Repos from ZIP files (with addon.xml)

* Added GUI option to install third-party addons from ZIP files without it being in an Addon Repo

* Added support for scrapers (Web Scraper Metadata Aggregators) to the Addons API

* Added support for skins extension point to the Addons API

* Added support for visualizations extension point to the Addons API

* Added support for screensavers extension point to the Addons API

* Added support for python based plugins extension point to the Addons API

* Added support for python based scripts extension point to the Addons API

* Added support for web interfaces extension point to the Addons API

* Added new default web interface as an addon to remote control XBMC via any web browser

* Removed builtin SHOUTcast.com directory support and moved it to the official addons repo

* Removed builtin visualizations and moved them to the official addons repo

* Removed builtin screensavers and moved them to the official addons repo

* Removed all Adult ('XXX' classified) scrapers into a new third-party managed addons repository

GUI Engine:

* Improved XBMC's GUI Engine / Skinning Framework making it even more flexible and powerful

* Added option to choose "default select action" of the showing info screen for videos

* Added FanArt support for Addons

* Added initial gesture support to XBMC's GUI Engine (adding touch interface API support to guilib)

* Added initial support for Windows Touch API (Windows 7 touch features and functions)

* Added ability for Karaoke player to optionally show the next song that will be played

* Added video information flagging for trailers

* Improved mouse support, added better exclusive control support for dragging of sliders/scroll bars

* Improved mouse click handling and added the possibility of long verses short clicks detection

* Updated translations for most languages (thanks to all community members who contributed!)

* Renamed "Plugins" in the Addons UI to "Media Sources" as that is what they are now

* Removed AAC, MP1, MP2, and MP3 passthrough options settings from the GUI

* Removed all Xbox only strings from the language files since the Xbox platform is no longer supported


* Added Broadcom Crystal HD PCIe/Mini-PCIe hardware accelerated video decoders support

* Added native support for unencrypted Blu-ray Disc playback without menus (via libbluray)

* Added Blu-ray Disc detection for external players (map external player in playercorefactory.xml)

* Added support for using libbluray to play bdmv files (index.bdmv or *.mpls) from local folders

* Added raw bitstream pass-through support for MP1, MP2, MP3, and AAC encoded audio tracks

* Added real-time ATSC A/52 encoder for on-the-fly Dolby Digital 5.1 (AC-3) transcoded output

* Added support for 5.1 Multi-Channel Analog Output (discrete 6-channel PCM output)

* Added post-processing support and options for videos in standard definition resolutions

* Added High-Quality Lanczos Upscalers (Video Resamplers) as OpenGL GLSL Shaders

* Added support for embedded Blu-ray/AVCHD PGS subtitles in MKV (Matroska) video containers

* Added support to use MKV (Matroska) embedded descriptions for audio and subtitle tracks

* Added support for DEFAULT/FORCED Matroska flags for subtitles

* Added support for color text subtitles in MKV files

* Added support for unsorted subtitles (ass/ssa, srt, smi)

* Added support for multiple language SAMI subtitle

* Added initial WebDAV (HTTP) media source support to XBMC's VFS (Virtual File System)

* Added initial SFTP media source support to XBMC's VFS (Virtual File System)

* Added support for WebM via libvpx

* Added Zapstream support for Tuxbox (Dreambox/DBox2) client

* Added RTMPE/RTMPTE and improved RTMP/RTMPT/RTMPS support via librtmp from RTMPDump

* Added "Wide Zoom" video mode option, a combination zoom, cropping, and non-linear stretching

* Added "Stretch 14x9" video mode option, a combination of zoom, cropping, and linear stretching

* Added "Stretch 16x9" video mode option, a combination of zoom, cropping, and linear stretching

* Added support to extract lyrics from Lyrics3v2 (Lyrics3 2.00) ID3 tags when available in music files

* Added support to configured cache buffer size via advancedsettings.xml (rather than hardcoded)

* Upgraded FFmpeg that significantly improves the decoding of all widespread mainstream codecs

* Improved generalization of chapter support and SeekTime from the input stream interface

* Improved Dream Multimedia Dreambox Enigma2 bouquets support in the TuxBox Client

* Improved audio channel matrix mapping, audio channels downmixing, and upmixing support

* Improved DVD-Video navigation in using Next and Prev

* Improved timecode-based seeking in videos


* Added FanArt image cache height-value size option to advancedsettings.xml (defaults to 480)

* Added initial support for MySQL as abstracted database backend for video and music libraries

* Added improved portability of SQL statements used in the video and music libraries

* Added ability to sort TV Shows folders by the date of the last recorded episode

* Added support for Movie Sets (option to group movie collections into sets for customized sorting)

* Added support to allow scrapers to use a normal settings.xml

* Improved performance for SQL database queries ( expert help is always wanted in this area!)

* Improved video scanner engine

* Improved metadata scraper engine


* Added hd-trailers.net movie trailers scraping to TheMovieDB.org and IMDb scrapers

* Added new Rotten Tomatoes (English) movie scraper

* Added new Freebase (English) music scraper

* Added new 1ting (Chinese) music scraper

* Added new 7176 (Chinese) movie scraper

* Added new getlib (Chinese) movie scraper

* Added new m1905 (Chinese) movie scraper

* Added new daum (Korean) TV Shows scraper

* Added new daum (Korean) music scraper

* Added new filmbasen (Norwegian) movie scraper

* Added new moviemeter (Dutch) movie scraper

* Added new videobuster (German) movie scraper

* Added new kino (German) movie scraper

* Improved ofdb (German) movie scraper by adding themoviedb.org posters scraping

* Improved TheTVDB (Multi-Lingual) TV Shows and Episode scraper

* Removed Discogs (English) music scraper due to them blocking XBMC

* Removed imdb-cn (Chinese) movie scraper due to website closed


* Confluence: Addon Browser specific window and icon to get to it in the settings GUI

* Confluence: Added border to the Addon icons in media info view for a uniformed look

* Confluence: Added FanArt support for the Addon Browser

* Confluence: Added buttons in the OSD's for Lyrics and Subtitle Addons

* Confluence: Added browsing for subtitles in full screen video overlay

* Confluence: Added browsing for lyrics in full screen video overlay

* Confluence: Added "Recently Added" Movies and TV Shows script view in the home menu

* Confluence: Improved file and folder path name reading for media flagging

* Confluence: Removed script window completely (turns out you don't need one now)


* Added JSON-RPC and JSON API over HTTP and Sockets for bidirectional communication

* Added microhttpd Web Server (and removed the old GoAhead and Spyce code) for HTTP API

* Added HTTP authentication methods any, anysafe, digest, and ntlm (via cURL libcurl)

* Added SSH file transfer protocol (sftp) via libssh

* Added support for MD5 passwords in GUIEditControl

* Added function / setting to enable DXTn texture compression (DDS) to all cached non-skin images

* Added doxygen resources for generating source code documentation

* Added ability to turn off LCD/VFD backlight while screensaving to advancedsettings.xml

* Added builtin command for sending Wake-On-Lan (WOL) magic packets

* Added builtin command irsend infra-red send commands using LIRC for IR blaster (lirc.send)

* Added joystick deadzone and calibration support to advanced settings ( advancedsettings.xml)

* Added power abstraction framework with a way to send OnWake and OnSuspend events

* Improved XBMC's integrated DLNA / UPnP MediaServer and Client compatibility

* Improved last.fm and libre.fm passwords storage with MD5, requires user to input password again

Live Specific:

* Optimized XBMC Live for the first and next-generation NVIDIA ION / ION 2 (as reference platforms)

* Added Bootable Disk Wizard (BDW) addon to the Live CD that makes bootable flash disk easier for users

* Added Plymouth Theme with XBMC logo typeface to replace the old USplash Splash Screen on Boot

* Added support for GRUB 2 based images

* Improved support for Wake-on-USB from ACPI S3 Standby with Remote/Keyboard/Mouse

* Updated XBMC Live to to based on a stripped Ubuntu Desktop 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) Linux Distribution

* Updated NVIDIA and ATI proprietary binary graphics device drivers (restricted drivers)

Linux Specific:

* Optimized keymapping for navigation with MCE (Microsoft Windows Media Center) compatible remotes

* Added PPA (Personal Package Archives) packages for Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10 (32-bit and 64-bit)

* Added support for ARM processor architecture (with TI OMAP3 and NVIDIA Tegra 2 as reference)

* Added initial support OpenGL ES 2.0 compliance in the Linux renderer for embedded devices via EGL

* Added Broadcom Crystal HD PCIe/Mini-PCIe Hardware Accelerated Video Decoder Support

* Added VAAPI (Video Acceleration API) support (requires VAAPI compatible hardware and drivers)

* Added OpenMAX Video Acceleration support (requires OpenMax IL compatible hardware, like Tegra2)

* Added NEON (ARM) Video Acceleration support (requires NEON compatible hardware, like OMAP3)

* Added initial implementation of the OnLowBattery signal in UPower

* Added lircmap for linux-input-layer devices to allow for joystick and gamepad keymaps

* Added lircmap for Alienware Alienware Dual Compatible Game Pad

* Added lircmap for the Xbox 360 (wireless) controller

* Added lircmap for Interact AxisPad

* Added lircmap for MCE (Microsoft Windows Media Center) remotes via SoundGraph iMON IR-receivers

* Added lircmap for Twinhan remotes

* Added lircmap for Antec's VERIS family RM200 / Antec Fusion Remote Control

* Improved VDPAU (NVIDIA) Hardware Video Acceleration and its upscaling/deinterlacing capabilities

* Improved AMD/Intel x86-64 64-bit (AMD64 / IA-64t CPU architectures) support

Windows Specific:

* Added support for most MCE (Microsoft Windows Media Center) compatible remotes out-of-the-box

* Added Broadcom Crystal HD PCIe/Mini-PCIe Hardware Accelerated Video Decoder Support

* Added initial native DXVA 2 support for H.264, VC-1, and WMV9 (Windows Vista and 7 only)

* Added support for WASAPI (Windows Audio Session API) for raw bitstream output

* Added High-Quality Bicubic and Lanczos Upscalers (Video Resamplers) as Direct3D HLSL

* Added Direct3D port of the OpenGL Spectrum 3D Audio Visualization for DirectX

* Added support for Visual Studio 2010 Express edition and Visual Studio 2010 non-Express edition

* Improved support for Microsoft's DirectX, Direct3D, and DirectSound APIs for Windows

Mac OS X Specific:

* Optimizated remote navigation and improved keymapping for both the old and the new Apple Remote

* Added Apple VDADecoder Video Accelleration support (requires Snow Leopard and NVIDIA 9400 or later)

* Added Broadcom Crystal HD PCIe/Mini-PCIe Hardware Accelerated Video Decoder Support

* Added analog audio downmix to user-selected format

* Added check for AC/Battery and Low Battery warning notifications (set to 10 percent)

* Improved the PowerPC (PPC CPU architecture) support for Mac OS X 10.4

* Removed PortAudio now that we only use Core Audio

Apple TV Specific:

* Added Broadcom Crystal HD PCIe/Mini-PCIe Hardware Accelerated Video Decoder Support

* Added support for Apple TV OS 3.0.2

Do pobrania <TUTAJ>

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XBMC 10.1

This is intended as a bug-fix release only, no new features have been introduced. Notable fixes include:

* If an in-use skin was updated in Windows, XBMC would freeze

* Some RTMP streams in Windows did not play

* Included add-ons have been updated

* The correct referrer is now used for downloading add-ons, improving dependency statistics

* Crashes during playback on ATI hardware in some circumstances have been fixed

* Hardware decoding improvements for OSX

* Various small fixes


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OpenELEC is an embedded operating system built around XBMC, the open source entertainment media hub. Home Theatre PCs are known to be hard to install and configure and can take a massive amount of time to keep running. OpenELEC, on the other hand, is designed to be as lightweight as possible in terms of size and complexity meaning your HTPC becomes no harder to configure than your satellite box or DVD player. With it's small footprint, OpenELEC is also ideal for small systems based on Atom or Fusion platforms so you won't need a whole computer in your living room!

What hardware does OpenELEC run on?

As it's deisnged to be lightweight, OpenELEC won't put a strain on your systems resources like it's processor or memory - meaning you'll need less of them. With support for NVIDIA's ION platform, AMD's Fusion platform and Broadcom's Crystal HD chip, OpenELEC can support high definition content on machines with low-powered processors by offloading video content to supported graphics cards and decoders. This means you can build (or buy) small, silent machines to be effectively used as a media center.

OpenELEC has many builds available, including a 'catch-all' build that will run on almost any x86 Pentium 4 or later, but also has optimized builds for certain platforms including:

  • Intel GMA HD chipsets
  • AMD Fusion
  • Apple TV 1 (using Broadcom Crystal HD)
  • Raspberry Pi


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