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  1. Witam Blu-ray Disc Association zaczelo przygotowania do 4k blu-ray diskow! Podaje wiadomosc z niemieckiej strony AreaDVD: The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) has recently started a new working group on the development of the Blu-ray Disc standards. The "Format Extension Study task force" (FEST) to explore opportunities including to support 4K video, high frame-rate movies (such as "The Hobbit" at 48 fps), consist enhanced color technology and new audio codecs. Yet it is just starting and want to start by examining both the technical feasibility, market prospects and the impact of existing Blu-ray Disc player. One of the biggest challenges, according to the BDA chairman Andy Parsons is the required higher capacity compared to today's 50 GB Blu-ray Disc to store 4k video with four times as high compared to Full HD resolution. The focus inter alia as possibilities additional information layers (layers) on the disc and efficient video compression method for selection. Both the cost and compatibility with existing Blu-ray Disc technology should be considered when a new 4k format. Basically, Parsons holds but the Blu-ray Disc format suitable for 4K video, and assumes that the currently usable Internet bandwidth in the U.S. still represents a barrier to online streaming of 4K content. Sony has at CES 2013 a new "Mastered in 4k" presented Blu-ray Disc series. These are but mere conventional Blu-ray discs with full HD resolution, which were produced on the basis of 4K video masters. Here, Sony rely on the material that is already in use for professional cinema 4k projection. In the U.S., Sony will launch for its 4K TV in the summer even "4K distribution service" with true 4K content, which are then distributed probably via broadband internet. Buyers of the first 4k TV from Sony in the U.S. with the device for just $ 24,000 and a media server that is already filled with ten Hollywood films from Sony in true 4K resolution.
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