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4K - czyzby kolejny slogan reklamowy kuszacy do zmiany sprzetu ?

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Siedze tak sobie i szukam po sieci czy jest sens zmiany moich Gamut D200 + parasound A5.1 + procesor Maranz AV8003 na jeden solidny klocek ( ampituner ). Bylo by ladniej i mniej kabli ale czy nie strace na jakosci ? No coz, jescze pomysle nad tym ale takie oto ciekawostki wpadly mi w oko >

ONKYO TX-NR5009 .......

HDMI video upscaling to 4k with Marvell Qdeo video processing

Video Upscaling

Video content comes in many different shapes and sizes. A DVD, for example, could come in a 4:3 aspect at 480p whilst a Blu-ray or computer game may come in a 16:9 aspect at 1080i. Thse signals must first be processed by either an A/V receiver or by your television in order to display correctly. In the first instance, when upscaling from 480p to 1080p, an algorithm is used to interpolate the original pixels. The end result is a largely new frame; many of the pixels displayed are an average of those around them. In the second instance, from 1080i to 1080p, the image is simply deinterlaced. This process precedes any upscaling, so if you upscale from 480i to 1080p, it will first be deinterlaced before being upscaled.

Marvell Qdeo

Qdeo is a video processor which seeks to remove any errors inherent in the source and to improve the overall picture quality. It removes noise, artefacts and "jaggies" on a pixel-by-pixel basis to get the very best from the source itself. It then applies contrast enhancement, colour remapper and depth expansion technologies with the aim of achieving a more natural image than previously available.


a do tego >

JVC X70 (JVC DLA-X70R) Projector

1080p to 4K Upscaling:

When looking at this feature, it is important to note that the JVC X70 is not a 4K projector in the sense that the native resolution on the chip-set is not 4K and it is still 1080p, nor is the JVC X70 capable of displaying 4K content. The 4K upscaling on the JVC X70 is also not a digital interpolation system where pixels are digitally [beeep]licated to achieve a higher resolution. JVC uses an e-shift system which in fact an optical element which goes between the lens and the D-ILA chip-set which in a sense optically replicates pixels to increase their numbers and the resolution to 4K (there is also some digital correction used), this allows the JVC X70 to display existing 1080p at 4K resolution adding more detail and depth to the image. It is also worth noting that this is not a controllable function on the JVC X70 and there are no options to switch it on or off.

Teoretycznie fajnie ale jak w praktyce ? Czy to tylko "pic na wode" i kolejny slogan aby z ludzi kase wyciagnac :)

Mial ktos mozliwosc nacieszyc oko takim 4K ?

pozdr. dawmac

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W tym miesiącu bezie test JVC DLA-X70R w Audio Video.

Może tam będzie więcej informacji jak to się sprawuje w praktyce



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Właśnie opracowali specyfikacje dla h265

2k ma zajmować o ok 30-40% mniej miejsca przy tej samej jakosci

Do tego wsparcie dla 4k i 8k


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fajne jest to ze mozna bez klopotu kupic te urzadzenia co "robia" 4K, tylko czy warto :) Glownie chodzi mi o obraz z projektora. Eran nie mam duzy bo 80" ale ogladam z 4.5m i mozna jeszcze co nie co "poprawic" z BR.

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